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You Can Do THIS by Christmas!
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I began a journey almost 2 years ago with Dynamic Fat Loss (formerly Idaho Fat Loss) as with any weight loss program and trust me I've done a ton of them! Usually I would start off strong lose 5, maybe 10 pounds if I was lucky then stall and eventually gain it all back!

Not this time! January of 2016 I met with the folks at DFL and was put on plan that was targeted specifically for me and my body. Was it tough at first? Of course it was, I was thinking how am I going to get through this 40 days! Well the first week or so in I was seeing results. I lost the first 10 pounds, then 15 and eventually 20! By the end of that 40 days I had lost 30 pounds! I continued to follow the structure of the program adding in some light workouts and by the summer I had lost 50 pounds! I set myself some reachable goals and continued to work to get myself healthy! Fast Forward to this past May I had lost 100 pounds! I literally cried that day because I never thought I could pull that off. This past September I took on another round of the DFL program I just wrapped up my 40 days and lost another 21 pounds and the even bigger picture is throughout this time I've lost 21% body fat! Before I took this journey my health was in a dire need of some improvement. I was borderline diabetic, My blood pressure vitals were near stroke numbers and my overall energy level was low to the point where I didn't even want to get up and run around with my kids!

I'm extremely thankful for Dr. Zane Sterling and this program for changing and saving my life, If you are looking to make some changes I strongly encourage you call 844-BY-BY-FAT today! You don't need to wait until the new year, by Christmas when your extended family comes over you could have them astonished by being down at least 20 pounds, now that's a great Christmas present to give to you yourself and your family!

Find them here or call 844-BY-BY-FAT!

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