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This past weekend, we had 3 pretty big movies opening in theaters nation-wide. First, "50 Shades Darker", which many assumed was going to clean up. Especially since it was Valentines Day weekend and "50 Shades..." is supposed to be a love story. I have lady friends who love these movies and books and even they will tell you, "it's soft core porn with a shoddy love story".

Second, "Lego Batman". There's really not a whole lot to say about this. It's animated, it's about legos and features a gruff "Christian Bale-esque" voice for Batman. However, this Batman often makes mistakes which inevitably lead to hilarity.

Between "50 Shades" and "Lego" it seems the answer is clear. America prefers animation to sex. "Lego Batman" brought in $55.6 million at the box office while "50 Shades Darker" brought in a respectable $46.8 million".

I'll admit, I totally wanna see that Lego Batman movie.

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