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If anything will ever bring about world peace, I'm convinced it will be some sort of confectionery creation from those wise sages, Nabisco and their mad scientists inside the Oreos laboratory. It seems Oreo rolls out a new variation to their tried and true cookies to match the changing of the seasons and the holidays therein. They have so delivered for Easter 2017 as well. Introducing, PEEPS OREOS!

Here's the skinny (or, not so skinny if you eat too many of them), they use vanilla cookies plus a "marshmallow peeps flavor cream". And, in keeping with spring pastels, the cream is pink.

They're going to be on sale for a few months too. So, there's no need to make a run on the supermarkets to get your hands on em before they run out.

You can read more about them and see a pic of the cookies HERE.

Photo Courtesy: Kati Molin via

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