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Ok, maybe he doesn't LOVE Tech N9ne. But, he's enough of a fan to walk into a record store and ask the clerk "Do you have any Tech N9ne albums?" This went down at a record store in Vancouver, Canada. Here's the crazy part. The record store clerk wasn't shocked by Sir Elton John walking into his record store. He was shocked that he was looking for Tech N9ne albums. HA!

Alas, the record store was out of Tech N9ne albums, so Elton had to settle for something else. He wound up walking out of the store with a couple albums from 1980's sensation Scritti Politti.

The legend Elton John digging at the shop today!!

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Maybe we should get in touch with Elton's people and see if he wants a pair of tickets to see Tech at the Knitting Factory on April 5th!

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