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It happens all the time. You're eating something it potato chips, cookies, candy or what have you, and you drop one on the floor. THE HORROR! Then, someone screams "5 SECOND RULE!" meaning you have 5 seconds to reclaim it from the floor and eat it without fear of contracting E-Bola or some other flesh eating disease. Good news, the 5 second rule is a lie depending on the food.

If you drop something hard and dry, like a cookie or a potato chip, take your time. Maybe walk the dog, watch a YouTube video or two, power out a few tweets and THEN get back to eating it.

But, if you drop something wet or sticky like a doughnut or a fork full of spaghetti, you have to grab it as quickly as possible before it absorbs bacteria and isn't safe to eat. So, LESS than 5 seconds. Although, if you drop spaghetti on the floor, I think you just need to chalk that one up as an 'L'. Doughnut on the other hand - get after it! Leave no doughnut behind!

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