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Too many children in Idaho wake up and go to school without having had breakfast. These same kids also often go without lunch and even worse, dinner as well. No child should ever have to go without eating - especially breakfast.

Feed The Gap, is part of this year's Idaho Gives and desperately needs your help. Their stated goals are...

"The Mission of Feed the Gap, Inc. is to collaborate with professional organizations to end child hunger in our state." Our three stated goals are: (1) feed hungry children in Idaho schools who do not qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch; (2) make sure hungry children have weekend food; (3) assist Idaho communities to create Summer Feeding Programs.

Today, Idaho Gives and Wild 101 ask that you donated to Feed The Gap. If Feed the Gap is not a non-profit you are passionate about, you can find a complete list of charities that need your help, HERE.

Feed the Gap from Feed the Gap on Vimeo.

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