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Hey! I'm JD Garfield. I'm the morning show host and also the Program Director for Wild 101.

My road to Boise has been a long one. I've worked at radio stations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri. But Boise is by FAR the most beautiful place I've ever lived. Due in large part to the fact that winter is pretty tame here. I love ANYTHING Chicago order of importance, bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls. You'll notice I left out the soccer team. Yeah, I'm not a big soccer guy.

I've got two unruly and drooly dogs. A golden retriever named Simon and a Catahoula named Knox. If you've never seen a Catahoula, you should google it. They're really cool dogs. Knox has one pale blue eye and one brown eye.

When I'm not at the radio station, you'll find me chillin' with the dogs, maybe floatin' the river or exploring and sampling the finer Micro-brews in the Treasure Valley